I am going on bus to california and there are rules; these are the rules: Get on the bus, sit down, no more then two people to a seat,no talking,hold your pee in for 18 hours because there is no bathroom on the bus, no food stops which means bring a lot of snacks.Now that we made it to california after 18 hours of hell we are going to universal studios, they have rules too… here they are.You have to keep shoes and clothing on at all times, no trying to stand up on the rides and do not dis-respect the workers and other people in the park. The day at the park is now over and we compete with our team.We won and we wee undefeated the whole year. Back home we go.


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It’s time for school, so I get ready to go. School isn’t cool it’s not the place for me to be, I’m just glad I get to go to Abbey’s after school. We always have fun thats a guarentee and I love how she is sixteen. We drive around town bein all cool. Oh man and did I mention how we love to workingout?

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I don’t let things get to me. Im in to much of a hurry and I don’t want to worry. I won’t listen to what people say about me, it’s a waste of my time. Im not scared I just have better things to do then waste my time on you. So don’t talk to me if your rude because I won’t speak to you. When people call me bad names I ignore them and move on. They are insecure and need to grow up. To some this all together your just a waste of my time and I won’t put up with you, so go meet some friends that will talk to you.

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City Bus

It was a regular ordinary day. I went to school and then Bailey came home with me. We were riding the city bus home from school and we were being too loud according to the bus driver so she pulls the bus over and tells us to get off. So were walking in this random neighborhood screaming at eachother because we didn’t know which way to go to get to my house. But then we figured it out after like an hour of walking. So yea it was pretty fun.

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Looking back on when I was growing up the biggest parts of my life were cheerleading, family, friends,myspace and my cell phone. Cheerleading was the most amazing thing I have ever experienced, I learned how to work with other people, determination, and became very close with my team, they were my other family. My family was always important because they were always there for me. Myspace is what I always did in my spare time. I was always texting on my phone even during class. And my friends ment everything to me.

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